Asian(?)s rule .... get out of our area white scum!

Oldham Evening Chronicle - A COUNCIL street sweeper was racially assaulted as he cleaned a Westhulme subway. The 48-year-old was cleaning the Featherstall Road subway close to the Martha Street entrance at 9.20am on Tuesday when a gang of six Asian youths smashed a wooden post through the side window. They then rained blows on the sweeper with clubs, posts and bats and hit the victim’s leg as he tried to get out of the vehicle. As the attack took place, the gang shouted, “Asians rule supreme” and “get out of our area white scum”. They ran away when the victim called the police. Hat tip English Rose.
I'm not 100% sure about this, but I believe that the media are referring to Muslims when they say 'Asians', which is very misleading and frankly offensive to people from places like China, Japan, Korea etc. Shame on the leftist media who prattle on about diversity and all that but are happy to throw any minority under the bus to appease violent, radical Muslims.

Open your eyes westerner, who brought you multiculturalism, who rams other's beliefs down your throat, who insists that you are no better and often worse, who tells you to shove your Christian heritage, who tars you as racist bastards when you won't tolerate this? The dots are before you, connect them and vote them out before you become 'white scum' in the wrong area.

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