South Australia: Racist to question special deals for blacks

We read:
"Treasurer Kevin Foley has accused State Opposition leader Martin Hamilton-Smith of being happy to "kick a black" and engage in "racism politics".

Mr Foley went on the attack yesterday in State Parlianment after Mr Hamilton-Smith asked a question about the HomeStart Finance "Nunga Loan" scheme - a home loan package designed for Aborigines - and the risks associated with them.

Mr Hamilton-Smith compared the Nunga Loans product to the subprime loans in the U.S. that sparked an economic meltdown. He said loans above a property's value were approved to high credit risk customers "augmented by additional loans to pay for credit card and hire purchase debts".

But Mr Foley said: "We have done that for white fellas too." "When you want to make an opportunity, when you want to get into the headlines, you will kick a black," Mr Foley said.


The usual Leftist inversion of reality. THEY are the ones discriminating on the basis of race.

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