Inflation Genie Guy Gets Hoity Toity

By AR - We've come a long way from the big swinging early days of the Kevin07 government. Light years, in fact. Frontman Kevin Rudd berates new opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull for demanding clearer language from the RBA.
"I therefore would strongly suggest to Mr Turnbull that in making comments about the considered position taken by the governor of the Reserve bank, our position relative to those of other countries, that he should think twice before making comments which separate him in any way from what the governor is saying," the Prime Minister said.
Uh yeah. That's great coming from the "inflation genie" guy. So what did Turnbull say that was so bad?
Mr Turnbull today appeared to criticise central bank governor Glenn Stevens' choice of the words "light years away" when describing Australian banks position in relation to troubled overseas institutions.

"To say that Australia is light years away from the economic crisis in the United States suggests that, you know, we're, well light years suggests millions of miles away," the Liberal leader told ABC Radio.

"I would say our economy ... is stronger, it is more resilient, our lending practices have been more prudent, our banks are profitable and better capitalised than those in other markets, in particular than in the United States."
Well, Rudd never met a cliche he couldn't weave into an impenetrable fog of verbiage. Turnbull in asking for more precise terms from the RBA has clearly got Rudd confused. Rudd suggests a meaningless cliche to show Turnbull how it's done.
"There is a mountain of difference between the need in the US for a $700 billion bailout of bad debt on the one hand against the systems which prevail in Australia."
This is getting good. There's no sign Turnbull's wetness is dampening the blowtorch that is now being directly applied to Rudd's soft pink belly. There you go, Kevin. How's that for a cliche?

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