The bitter fruits of leftism - The decline of women's rights is a phenomenon taking place across Europe, said Soad Bekkouche, a representative of the French group Laicite (Secularity). "We see it clearly in everyday life," Ms Bekkouche said. s Hagberg said that in Sweden earlier strides were now being threatened due to politics and legislation, and pointed to a rise in violence against women. Five years ago, 20,000 acts of violence against women were reported, a number that has since grown to 30,000, she said.

The growing inequality affects immigrant women in particular, said Soleyman Ghasemiani, a social worker originally from Iran and now living in Sweden's second biggest city Gothenburg. Paradoxically, authorities' desire to display tolerance and respect of immigrants' religions and culture could be accentuating the phenomenon. "The Swedish authorities and politicians have a lot of respect for religions and traditions and they think it's not possible to criticise Islam," he said.
But in so doing they were playing into the hands of religious fundamentalists who want to suppress women's rights. He linked the decline in women's rights in Sweden in part to the centre-right government's arrival in power in 2006. "The conservatives have more power now. There are more religious schools than five or 10 years ago (and) they get (state) subsidies. I am worried because I see a backlash on the ground," said Mr Ghasemiani, who has lived in Sweden for 24 years.

"You have people who are teaching their daughters that to be a good daughter is to stay at home," he said. Ms Bekkouche said that across Europe, both "immigrant women and local women face the same problems amid the rise of religious extremism and neo-liberalism". She cited the case of Polish women who could previously get legal abortions in their country, which is no longer the case. In the former eastern bloc country, contraception was now "virtually inexistant", she lamented. Hat tip Inside Edge.
You'd think that Europe who are usually lecturing us savages and barbarians about soft power, consensus, reaching out, social justice, multiculturalism, all-cultures-are-equal and all that, would be shining examples of what they bang on about. Especially Sweden, that bastion of women's rights. It's mildly amusing that when reality doesn't quite work out the way they hoped, they then turn around and blame the Conservatives for it not working. So who put those nasty Conservatives into power, the very people who the left failed to convince of the joys of their socialist ideas.

Oh yeah, the lack of abortion results in violence against women increasing, where do they come up with this crap? On the flip side, the worst violence against the unborn must be in free fall and naturally leftists will see that as a bad thing. So what's the solution then, would these torch-bearers for women allow them to carry guns to protect them from these 30,000 attacks? Don't hold your breath, according to the leftists, more leftism is needed and bring back abortion I suppose. For goodness sake people you can't be free if you're not allowed to knock off your unborn anytime and for any reason! And while they mention Islam, they don't quite muster the backbone to say Multiculturalism is the main problem.

They can marginalize us Conservatives with laws and what not, but not radical Islam. With Jihad Joe, you can pass all the laws you want and win as many votes as you can, he doesn't give a damn, he'll beat your feminist ass into the kitchen anyway. You have to beat your way back out, the left will have to earn their freedom. Now remember lefties you need to apply the same standards you insist on from your armchairs, due process, human rights, privacy, innocent until proven guilty and all that, or does all that only apply when it's Conservatives in charge and it's America that's on the receiving end.

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