Gun control & leftist government

Daily Mail - Armed with spades, screwdrivers, bars and sticks, two gangs clashed and sent locals fleeing into shops for safety. This running battle between black and Asian youths - a sickening example of brutal Britain today - was captured by a photographer who had been waiting in the street to take a photo of the actress Julie Christie, who lives nearby. Click on the pictures to see larger image.

MK - Whether your government is Conservative or Leftist, with gun control, you are still a Nation of Cowards. If it's leftists running the show they are naturally soft on criminals, blaming everyone and everything else except the crim, so you'll be doing a lot of running into a shops, hiding out, avoiding certain parts of town, not going out after dark etc. If Conservatives are running the joint, they'll be harder on criminals so you'll be doing less of the above, but you'll still be a nation of cowards, walking around under the illusion that you are free and safe but when the crap hits the fan, again hiding out waiting for someone else to come to your aid.

Update - Just saw this at the Daily Mail, this is what you get when you're soft on criminals. While all these criminal scumbags are running around doing what they feel like, the subjects are not allowed to protect themselves. Some people would say that there is no need for an armed popluation, this can easily be solved by getting tough on the criminals and jailing them. No need to call for guns, just write a letter, petition your local politician. Some would even say that this is just the result of Social Injustice and we need social programs to help criminals stop being criminals.
Daily Mail - The number of crimes committed by offenders who have just left prison or begun a community punishment has leapt to more than half a million a year. Ministry of Justice figures show that an estimated 155,000 criminals a year, or four in ten, re-offend within 12 months of release, not including the fast-growing numbers being let off by police with a caution or on-the-spot fine instead of being charged. The proportion of juvenile criminals who are convicted again has risen year-on-year, and the Government [Leftist] has missed its target of cutting numbers by five per cent from 2000 to 2006.

......The overall number caught re-offending was equivalent to 155,560 criminals over 12 months, an increase of 8.5 per cent on the previous year. With many criminals being caught several times, there were 146 offences for every 100 adults in the cohort, and 123 crimes per 100 juveniles. That equates to almost 540,000 crimes committed over 12 months, up 3.3 per cent on the previous year. The crimes include an estimated 92,384 cases of violence, 3,392 serious assaults and 1,700 sexual offences. The real picture is far worse as many crimes go undetected, and the Ministry of Justice figures do not include criminals let off with a caution or instant fine or formal warning, or court cases which are not yet completed.
Assuming all this is true (in reality it's a pack of lies), what am I as a law-abiding citizen supposed to do while the government and various welfare/social engineers pull their heads out of their asses and get to working? These criminals aren't going to call a time-out until their various grievances have been addressed by the state and all the do-gooders. The way I see it, while all the do-gooders are beavering away merrily at bringing utopia, let me have my gun to protect myself and when you've brought Utopia (as in, zero crime with weapons), let me know, you can have it back. Unless off course that was never the point of taking our guns away in the first place.

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