A child welfare system fails another little child

Social workers routinely leave even the most endangered children with feral parents. It's only middle-class parents that they train a beady eye on -- often on mere suspicion. Middle-class social workers simply ignore the underclass. The underclass are "too hard". So underclass children -- who are the ones most in need of help -- simply suffer and die with no help from the ones who are paid to help them

The simple question to be answered by an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the return of a toddler to her drug-addicted parents is why? Because of what appears to be bungling by the Department of Human Services, the four-year-old is now in hospital with serious injuries from a suspicious car crash.

The first indications point to a failure to monitor the behaviour of the parents. Had the department done so, it is difficult to believe they would have allowed the girl to be removed from a home where she lived with her grandparents. There were apparently no follow-up tests and the parents are believed to have slipped back into their drug habits.

The girl was in a car driven by her father when it hit a tree in a St Albans street at 5am. She was not wearing a seat belt and ended up jammed under the car's front seat. It is still not known whether she may have suffered a brain injury. The girl's mother was also seriously injured in the crash and is expected to take months to recover.

Whatever happens as a result of the investigation prompted by a Herald Sun report, it is to be hoped this child will grow up to live the life she deserves. In the meantime, the DHS has some serious questions to address.

Source. The appalling background details are here

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