Alcohol abuse - Make the boozers pay!

Stock & Land - DRUNKEN female party animals are inundating NSW hospital emergency departments in record numbers. NSW Health has released new figures which show an overall 59 per cent increase in alcohol-related emergency department cases from 2000 to 2007. The biggest increase in hospital visits was among so-called ladettes - the 18- to 24-year-old group of females with a thirst for grog to match their male rivals - whose numbers increased by 200 per cent. ......

Alcohol-related illnesses and injuries are taking a huge toll on the NSW health system. Yesterday NSW Health Minister John Della Bosca said he was so concerned about the level of these hospitalisations - particularly among young people - he would use the health ministers' round-table meeting in November to call for a ban on alcohol advertising. Mr Della Bosca said the time had come to address the issue, with more than 40,000 drinkers being admitted to NSW hospitals each year. ......

He said all options should be considered, including warning labels on alcohol, no alcohol ads to be screened on television before 9pm or a complete advertising ban. A ban on alcohol advertising would have huge social ramifications and change the landscape of Australian sport which is heavily dependent on the grog industry's financial support.
I have one option that I have a feeling the minister and all the nanny state whiners won't be willing to consider. Instead of bringing in useless bans, fancy regulations, long winded meetings for paper pushers to look busy at and whatever else, why don't you just do the following. When the youngsters with no concern for their own health and anyone else turn up at the Emergency room throwing up, passed out or half dead, fix em' up as you normally do and when they are ready to go home, send them a nice fat medical bill to pay as well.

As it is the taxman knows what every one of us earns and they must be earning money in some way to go out every other night to get drunk as skunks. Take the money out of their bank account, dock their wages or jack up their annual tax amount. Make them pay for the consequences of their actions because I can assure you folks out there, it costs money and you are paying for it, not Santa or the minister.

Do this and I have a feeling the drunkards and boozers will figure out very quickly that it may be cool, hip and whatever else to binge drink but it's not so cool or hip to be broke all the time.

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