War on the west rolls on unabated

FOX News - German police boarded a plane at Cologne airport and arrested two terrorist suspects Friday just before the plane took off for Amsterdam. A 23-year-old Somali man and a 24-year-old German man born in Somalia were arrested before the KLM flight left the airport, a spokeswoman for North Rhine-Westphalia state police said. ...... Van Galen said the plane took off after an hour delay and landed at Schipol airport in the Netherlands without further incident. A spokeswoman at Cologne airport said other flights were not affected by the arrests. The Dutch anti-terror chief warned earlier this month that the country remains one of the top targets for Islamic terrorist groups because of publicity surrounding a lawmaker's anti-Islam film.
While the west dithers and tries to find new holes to bury its head in, the plotting of our deaths and mayhem continues unabated, business as usual. Doesn't matter if it's hard-power America or soft-power Europe. Whether it's Iraq, cartoons, movies, the high tide or full moon, there is always an excuse and rest assured, the jihadists are always trying to knock you off.

Tighten immigration to keep em' out, punish the ones already inside followed by deportation, otherwise you will have to do far worse later. In other news, it's not just some of us in the west who enjoy the feeling of sand around our heads.
FOX News - Pakistan warned U.S. troops not to intrude on its territory Friday after the two anti-terror allies traded fire along the Afghan border, straining already tense ties. Thursday's five-minute clash came at a time the United States is stepping up cross-border operations in the frontier region, known as a haven for Taliban and Al Qaeda militants. ...... Talat Masood, a military and political analyst, warned the cross-border raids were undermining support for American in Pakistani and risked destabilizing the country, where the new government was still asserting its authority. "These incursions strengthen the hands of the militants," Masood said. "You don't want to strengthen them, you want to weaken them."
I have to ask though, these militants have been butchering and blowing you lot to pieces for a while now, so at what point exactly would you say that hatin' on the great Satan and asserting your authority just isn't keeping the bombs from going off and that it's time to let Sam with his fancy guns and birds of prey return the favor on your behalf.

It's all well and good to waffle on about feelings and all that, but those terrorists are infringing the sovereignty of Afghanistan every time they run across the border and pick a fight with the Afghans and when the heat goes up they run back to their safe haven in Pakistan. If you can't keep a lid on it, then they are perfectly within their rights to do so.

Can someone get a statement from Obama on this, is he still for invading Pakistan to hunt down terrorists or has he decided that it's best to have unconditional meetings with the terrorists instead? Moving on.
FOX News - Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says relations with Latin America will be a foreign policy priority for the Russian government. Putin, who is meeting with visiting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, says Russia is willing to discuss further military contacts with Venezuela and help it develop nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. ...... Chavez' visit takes place as a Russian naval squadron sails to Venezuela, across the Caribbean Sea from the United States, in a pointed response to what the Kremlin portrays as threatening U.S. encroachment near its own borders.
Russia has figured out that the easiest way to hobble an America and Europe is to go the way of Iran. After all, Iran has largely escaped punishment for its long support of Hezbollah and Hamas against Israel and also in Iraq. What's the point of taking America head on, when you can get someone else to be a thorn in their side, a type of outsourcing or war on the cheap if you will.

As for that 'peaceful purposes' tag, this is for the benefit of the hate-America and blame-America-always useful idiots they've been waiting for. If America were to get even a bit huffy about this, all they'll have to do is get their lackey Chavez [not that he needs prompting for this sort of thing] to issue some indignant platitude about imperialism, racism and America-has-them-why-can't-we and before you know it, some western fool is putting the finishing touches on his 'Hands off Venezuela' placard.

The enemies of the west know that we are divided, that enough of us have no clue what Iran and Russia have been up to and some of us even think that America is the bigger threat. If only Sam would stop poking the crocodile with the stick and just feed it. They know how to feed our divisions and that our ignorance is their ally.

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