A close call for our SAS

LiveNews - Nine Australian soldiers were wounded in a hail of gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades in the battle on Tuesday, our single biggest casualty count since the Vietnam war. One of the Special Forces soldiers suffered a life-threatening injury in the Taliban ambush and Mr Fitzgibbon says his condition is now improving. "He has survived the night and that obviously is a good sign. Our plan now is to transfer him to Germany," Mr Fitzgibbon told Sky News today. "That obviously means that he is quite stable. I am a little bit more hopeful this morning than I was when I went to bed last night."
Thank you Lord that all of them are alive and recovering. Thank you for saving them, thank you for screwing up the aim of those Taliban bastards, thank you for watching over our soldiers. Pray for the soldier who is not quite out of the woods yet. Here's to hoping every bullet from our SAS's guns found Taliban hide and stubbornly remains there. Here's to hoping our SAS will soon be back out there helping those goat-rapists understand why payback is such a bitch!

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