Get the war on carbon started already!

The Australian - THE majority of Australians continue to endorse the Rudd Government's approach to a carbon emissions trading scheme - even if it means higher costs for them. Most people also endorse the plan to go ahead with an Australian trading scheme regardless of what other nations do, including the big greenhouse gas emitters India and China. ...... On the issue of carbon trading, 88 per cent of those surveyed saidAustralia should introduce acarbon reduction scheme, with 61 per cent saying it should happen regardless of what other countries did. A clear majority, 58 per cent, said they would be prepared to pay more for energy as a result of a carbon trading scheme, although 50 per cent of Coalition voters were against paying more for petrol, electricity and gas.
Well Ruddster, there you go, get to it now, you promised climate change, war on carbon and all that. Most of us are happy with it and don't care whether what we do will make any difference. So then it's time to pay up, no point waffling around about the greatest challenge of the century and all that and remaining on the sidelines, forget the evidence, scientists, cold temperatures and all that, we're not interested.

I hope the electricity companies saw this, just put some wiffle-waffle together about going green and issue some gaseous platitudes about rain forests guys and jack up the price of electricity, we are happy to pay more, the planet must be saved.

Does anyone know any good, local carbon assprint offset companies I can invest in?

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