Obama & Biden against Parental consent

LifeNews - The results of a landmark new study showing that parental involvement laws successfully work to reduce teen abortions are leading one pro-life women's advocate to the conclusion that presidential candidate Barack Obama isn't serious about his claims to reduce abortions. Obama mentioned finding common ground on abortion and reducing abortions in his Democratic nomination acceptance speech. But Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser tells LifeNews.com his opposition to either parental notification or consent makes it so Obama is not supporting laws that actually lower abortions.

“The results of this study reveal what millions of Americans already know in their hearts – parental consent measures make sense. And they work,” she said. “Barack Obama claims he wants to ‘reduce abortions,’ yet he refuses to embrace the most practical, loving legislative remedy – requiring teen girls to have their parents’ consent before making the tragic decision to have an abortion," Dannenfelser added. ...... Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden have both opposed the Child Custody Protection Act, proposed federal legislation that would make it a felony to evade state parental notification laws by transporting minors to states with more lenient measures to secretly obtain abortions.

The Family Research Council recently released the first comprehensive study of the impact of state parental consent laws on the incidence of abortion in the United States. The study by Dr. Michael New found that parental consent laws reduce the incidence of abortion among minors by an average of 13.6% and as much as 31 percent in some cases.
This makes perfect sense, you don't need a study to tell you this unless you're some sort of leftist. Once the parents find out that their kid wants an abortion, it obvious that they've been sleeping around and the much-lauded sex-education hasn't quite worked out. If the parents do allow the teenager to knock off the unborn baby, then at the very least, they can take steps to ensure she stops the behavior that led to the pregnancy in the first place. On the other hand the girl might be wanting to get an abortion because of the stigma attached to a baby out-of-wedlock, yet it might work out that the parents will actually be supportive of her having the baby, like Sarah Palin.

Even worse, for leftists that is, the parents might not allow the teenager to have an abortion but then give up the baby for adoption to a loving family, you know, sort of sparing the unborn from punishment for the sins of the parents. The above seem quite reasonable to me, perhaps Obama and Biden see this as a downside, that the unborn won't be knocked off and the teenagers will be hindered from fornicating willy nilly without consequences.

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