Feeling safe Australia?

Daily Telegraph - WILLIAM Lawrence thought he knew how police were supposed to respond to victims of crime, having once been an officer himself. But three years after a serious assault cost him nine teeth and some of his jawbone, and left a plate and screws inserted in his elbow, police have still not taken a statement. ...... New crime clear-up statistics show only 51 per cent of of NSW's 46,155 non-domestic violence assaults were cleared up within three months of being reported last year.

Daily Telegraph - SEX assault victim Nina Funnell has lived in "agonising suspense" during delays in DNA testing in the investigation which has been unable to find her attacker. The 24-year-old Sydney University worker was walking home in Huntleys Point in May last year when she was grabbed, almost strangled, sexually assaulted and threatened with a knife. "I am disgusted by the way my case has been handled (by police)," Ms Funnell said. ...... "Frustratingly, the average rape victim has to wait six months due to a backlog in state-run labs," she said. "Morris Iemma ordered a complete review of this backlog. We've heard no word of this review since."

Daily Telegraph - ORHAN Dost knows the chances of catching a car thief are slim. The 25-year-old motor mechanic has had three cars stolen from outside his Auburn home in the past four years. The last one, his work ute, was stolen just three weeks ago. No one has been charged for any of the thefts. "I love my neighbourhood," a sarcastic Mr Dost said yesterday. He said it took police two days to respond to his call reporting the ute as stolen.
Daily Telegraph - New figures obtained by The Daily Telegraph reveal that the clear-up rates for crime in NSW are as low as 1 per cent in some areas. Overworked and understaffed police stations are struggling to deal with an overload of crime with just 5.5 per cent of home break-ins solved and an even lower clean-up rates for car theft. Police are solving only half of all non-domestic assaults, while only a little over 20 per cent of sex crimes lead to an arrest within 90 days. The rapid decline in sexual assault clear-up rates since the mid-1990s has prompted NSW Police and Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) to launch a study into the cause of the drop.
Real confidence inspiring isn't it. None the less, don't any of you dare to demand the right to carry a gun to protect yourself. Not long ago you fell for the lie that the state would protect you, don't worry, we give a rat's ass about you, we'll take care of you, don't you burden yourself with these nasty guns, you'll be safer. Well, there you have the evidence, the state fails you many times, every single day. You can write letters, whine, complain, call the radio, email the paper and whatever else you feel like, the state may or may not do something, either way it will take its time to pull its head out of its ass.

So while criminals are moving into your street, while this strange fellow seems to be following you around, while your car gets stolen and your home is being ransacked, can you carry a gun to protect yourself. No-no, don't you dare, the state and the gun-haters will fight to stop you. Far, far better if you get raped, shot, stabbed, bashed, robbed, home-invaded etc than see you carry a gun to protect yourself and your family. Try to think of all the gaseous platitudes the state will be issuing today in reply to this news to ease whatever is happening to you, tough new laws, we will crack down, these grubs will be dealth with, full force of the law, blah, blah.

Gee, you'd swear they weren't really on your side.

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