Our New Thought Police

Some time ago, this writer posted an article outlining the very real dangers posed by the kind of religious and racial vilification laws the Victorians are now suffering under thanks to the Victorian Labour Government.

In that post, I said things like:
"We should all be deeply concerned - possibly more so than by anything any of the other political parties have said to date. Because here we see the first stirrings of a political police in Australia . . ."
"But the real tragedy (or should I say stupidity) of the left-think, of course, is that they see no danger in this for themselves. No acceptance of the fact that the boot may, some day, be on the other foot. That they may find themselves being rounded up in the name of preventing ‘racial vilification’. The undeniable fact is that every step one takes towards despotism, towards dictatorship, towards State-sponsored oppression, is a step taken by us all."
It's heartening to see that some of our leftist regulars now also see this danger (though possibly not in quite the same light).

The terrifying thing is that we are already seeing the genesis of exactly what that post was warning about: a Stasi-like environment of fear and loathing as members of our community now take up the role of watcher and informer, and as a direct result of the most recent case in Victoria, involving the Catch the Fire Ministries. And this particularly ominous outcome? The apparent degree of tit-for-tat monitoring that is now going on between certain Christian groups and their Muslim counterparts.

Approaching the very best Communist East Germany's Stasi had to offer, we now also have informers at work.

And far from promoting an environment of tolerance and mutual respect, we have a growing climate of suspicion and fear.

An unfortunate and unforeseeable outcome, you might think? No - an entirely predictable one. So how should we read this, then? Was the implementation of this legislation down to the actions of foolish do-gooders with little thought for the outcomes? Or is it evidence of a duplicitous clique, who seek this exact result?

Either way, this situation is a dreadful one. It should be remedied as swiftly as possible. We know, however, that it won't be.

The real question is, therefore, 'What's next?'

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