More Sorry Signage

If only we'd listened to the guardian, we'd all be a little more WOOT!

The face of sane American leftism

Obsequious shadow people for Kerry

Mark Chapman explains why killing John Lennon was necessary

I know that I'm supposed to look apologetic in these photos, but I'm just so damned horny. Now drop that camera and get over here, big boy

The insightful fraternity pledge

Nobody this ignorant has any place possessing handwriting this cute

We spanked our child to get this picture just right!

Cyndi Lauper and the head tilts

Alert! Alert! Suspected sarcastic interlopers from the evil conservative homeworld!

Peace now, or we'll kick yer fuck'n asses!

Nothing says "I'm secure in who I am" more than an earring through the forehead, coloured contact-lenses and black fingernails

Then there are the more quiet, unassuming and moderate leftists

I forgive you, but not for your striking similarity to this other idiot

Just bring beer, and a man (it gets lonely up here in perfectoworld, and there's not enough American army deserters to go around)

Yes, but they need to be saying it to the Greeks and the Armenians. Now pass me the bong

That's right, you've wasted that many years on leftism

Dyslexians for Kerry and Kanada (yes, Jeremy, I know she's written it in Spanish. But I'm an unrepentant Anglophile. She should stick to English, which is the world language)

You know your "sorry" note goes above and beyond the call when it has three 'r's in it

Bush stole all my sign-writing paper. The nazi bastard

Not yet, but in time they will be

That's right, I'll fight! I'll fight the people who are trying to fight the terrorists who wanted me and my baby dead even way back when Clinton the Inoffensive was in power. That's just how together my world view is

The world was counting on Pippi Longstocking, and she let us all down. The miserable cow

See my Woody Allen hat? See my glasses? See all my maps? I know stuff

Merlin Luck's long lost sister

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