The Tsunami Disaster

I have refrained from commenting on these recent tragic events as I don't believe that I have anything of value to add to that which has been -- for the most part -- well covered by the MSM.

I do wish to raise a few issues, however.

1) Taking political advantage of this appalling tragedy is itself appalling. The news -- and especially Sky News -- should stop repeating that clip of that stupid chubby Australian tourist whining from Mascot Airport that he wasn't immediately scooped out of harm's way on a 5-star, champagne and caviar-equipped Hercules, primarily because it had nothing to do with the War on Terror, and that John "heartless monster" Howard couldn't get any political mileage out of it.

2) The only political point that need be made in reference to this has been made very nicely by Glenn Reynolds.

3) Fox News is perhaps the very worst news network in respect to covering international incidents. They have now shown a repeated apathetic attitude to any event that does not either:
A) Transpire within the continental United States, or

B) Affect/involve a large amount of American citizens.
Fox News is becoming myopic and is therefore doing its viewers a gross disservice.

That's all I have for now.

I'm in a deeply, deeply, deeply crappy and vaguely homicidal mood. So leave pissy comments at your peril.

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