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As Boxing Day rolls around and I come to the horrible realisation that it is going to be a day of monumental suckage now that all the Lord of the Rings films and their dvd’s are out, combined with the fact most of Christmas day will be spent thinking up excuses to leave the various relly bashes as early as possible, I have decided to take a holiday.

I shall be spending five glorious nights on the pristine shore of Batu Ferringhi Beach, with a drink in one hand and hopefully a gorgeous German, Swiss or Swedish tourist (or better still, all three – and that list is by no mean exclusive – Brits, Yanks, Spanish, Japanese and other Aussies - all are welcome) in the other.

Then it will be a quick stop in KL to pick up some cheap software on my way home.

And as I am pretty much already in holiday mode and can’t be bothered writing a full article, I thought I would just post a quick round up of things:

A group of rapid response troops have been sent to the Solomon Islands in response to the tragic death of Adam Dunning. Sending the troops does not send a message to the cowardly filth that did this, but using these troops to hunt them down and shoot them dead like common vermin they are, will. Go get 'em boys.

A loyal reader of mine named VJ has written me a few emails which have turned into stellar rants. I suggested to him that he consider starting a blog of his own and he has done so. Go check out The Right Side and help a new right wing blogger get some notice.

John Howard has now become the second longest serving Prime Minister in Australia’s history. Be sure and rub that fact in the face of every leftist scumbag you encounter.

Now is the time for all you LOTR fans to do your Extended Edition marathons I know you have been planning since the Extended Editions were announced.

If you want some games to play over Christmas you will not do better than Rome: Total War, Neverwinter Nights, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, in preparation for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords due for release here (for PC – out now on Xbox but that doesn't count) on February 5, 2005.

Go back through the archives of The Asylum and read all the piss funny articles you might not have read. Or read them all again if you already have. And go and check out the rest of the links as well. If I didn’t think they were good they wouldn’t be on the list.

Continue to check A Western Heart as I am sure there will be loads of good stuff posted there.

To all my fellow contributors and all the right minded readers of The Asylum and A Western Heart, a Merry Christmas and safe holiday period.

To leftists I hope you have miserable time and meet with many horrible accidents and fates (and yes I am aware of the potential irony in that it is me who is going on a plane) until you wise up and pull your head out your asses and stop being traitors to Western Civilization. Fuck off and die, leftist scum.

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And now, as I promised, no more offensives until the new year....

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