Bin Really-Stupid

Seemed like a good idea at the time?
Osama bin Laden take note: You wouldn't be safe in Costa Rica. A startled
taxi driver shot and wounded a jokester wearing a plastic mask of the al-Qaida
leader, police said Tuesday.

Leonel Arias, 47, told police he was playing a practical joke by donning
the Bin Laden mask, toting his pellet rifle and jumping out to scare drivers on
a narrow street in his hometown, Carrizal de Alajuela, about 20 miles north of
San Jose.

Arias had startled several drivers that way on Monday afternoon. But when
he jumped out in front of taxi driver Juan Pablo Sandoval, the motorist reached
for a gun and shot him twice in the stomach. He was hospitalized in stable

"For me and I think for anybody else at a time like that one thinks the
worst and so I fired my gun," Sandoval told Channel 7 television.

And "the worst" in this case was Osama bin Laden himself, brandishing a gun, on the streets of Carrizal de Alajuela. I guess the taxi driver believed that times have been tough for Osama, with killing output down. Therefore, the terrorist leader had felt the need to do the dirty work himself, rather than delegate.

But what worries me (besides the mental state of the man wearing the bin Laden mask) is not the fact that the driver shot him. What worries me is that the driver, who thought he had come face-to-face with the world's biggest terrorist, shot him twice in the stomach.

If it was me, I would have aimed straight for the head.

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