A man hisses at you in the midst of the cold and foggy night.

He is cloaked by shadows, and you can only make out his vague outline as you nervously begin to draw near.
"What?" you reply uncertainly.
"I've got something." In his honeyed words, the man's leering grin is apparent even if his face is not.
You look around, fearing a trap.
But there is nobody there.
Only the sharp-edged echoes of darkened city streets.
"I'm afraid," you mutter. "I've never done this sort of thing before."
The man laughed derisively, his thin frame bending low. When he rose once again, his laughter had eased into a low, rumbling chuckle.
"Oh, young master. But you are wrong there."

And then, before you could tear your eyes away, he held out his open palm.

"Try it," he said soothingly. "You'll find it refreshingly familiar."

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