I Didn't Know TPI Stood For Totally Paranoid and Insane

Australia's favourite Nazi Jack van Tongeren has had a win at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, scoring a TPI (Totally and Permamently Incapacitated) pension for life, even though he is currently banged up on remand in Perth's Hakea prison.

This means that Jack is unfit to work, despite the fact that he seems fit enough to firebomb Chinese restaurants and beat the snot out of anyone slightly tinted; that $300 a week will come in handly when he's in the slot though, what with having to buy off agressive homosexuals in the showers and hire protection from angry Asian inmates.

Apparently Jack still thinks Charlie's on the wire:-

Mr van Tongeren received the news from former soldier Norm Heslington, one of a group of veterans who served with Mr van Tongeren in the 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment.
The veterans don't share Mr van Tongeren's white supremacist views, but they have rallied to try to help him turn his life around.
Mr Heslington believes Mr van Tongeren's extreme views may have grown out of the propaganda demonising the Viet Cong fed to troops before they were sent to Vietnam. His combat experiences have also affected him.
Mr Heslington, who visits Mr van Tongeren every week, said his friend had been in denial about his condition.
"I could see 15 years ago that his behaviour then, although criminal, was a legacy of his mental scarring," he said.

Despite the seeming absence of dugouts, tunnels and even black pyjamas in the average suburban take-away.

There can be little doubt that van Tongeren is crazier than a shithouse rat, but whether this is due to overseas service is debatable; if every vet flipped out at the sight of a potential Victor Charlie and went on a rampage, assorted Chinatowns would be a bit hairy to visit for a spot of yum cha or hokkien mee.

(Thanks to JF Beck for the tip).

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