In Spain...

It's one law for the sacred (wife-beating) classes, and another for the rest of us scum:
MADRID - The Spanish deputy prime minister has attacked the decision to free a controversial imam who was jailed for writing a book which advised readers how to attack women without leaving any marks.

María Teresa Fernández de la Vega strongly criticised release of Mohamed Kamal Mostafa, who was freed after only serving 20 days of a 12-month sentence.

In an interview with the programme 'Ruedo Ibérico' on Spain's Antena 3 channel, the deputy prime minister said "this did not help to reinforce the line which Spanish society had adopted to domestic violence: zero tolerance".

She criticised the decision of the court in Barcelona to release Mostafa on Monday.

Women's groups have also attacked the early release of the controversial Islamic cleric.

Mostafa, the imam of Fuengirola in Andalusia, was jailed last month for one year.

But he was released and must go on a training course to learn about human rights.

Legal sources said he was released early because his imprisonment would not help his reintegration into society.
What the hell are we doing keeping Martin Bryant in jail so long? If we don't let him out now, when he does finally depart prison as a 550 year old man, he'll have a frightful time attempting to reintegrate.

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