A letter to the Prime Minister

What follows is a brief note this writer sent to the powers that be. A small voice, one can but hope it adds to others equally as supportive of the actions of our 'front line'.

For our American friends, the immigration officer in question had the appalling temerity to quietly advise the group D12 on appropriate conduct whilst on their Australian tour. Given the group's subject matter, and a song list that worships violence, murder and rape in most forms, this writer entirely supports the officer's discrete action in the execution of her duty.

Given the opprobrium now being hurled in this poor unfortunate's direction, thanks to the outing from D12's various hangers on, a letter of support for the officer in question seems to be the only appropriate thing to do.
Dear Prime Minister,

I attach a message I have sent to Minister Vanstone regarding the conduct of one of our immigration officers; conduct I believe to be entirely appropriate, but for which the unfortunate officer is now being condemned. My deep concern is that this condemnation will negatively affect this officer's career.

I sincerely hope my concerns are unfounded.

. . .

"Dear Minister Vanstone,

I write, as I am sure you are aware, about the recent furore regarding the advice one of our off-shore immigration officers delivered to the rap group 'D12'.

When I first heard about this, I was delighted. Delighted that the officer involved had done exactly what we'd expect her to do; exactly what the duty of her post demands: the protection of her/our nation.

This officer did nothing wrong. If D12's various minions took issue with the discussion that was held (and chose to make it public), then this is their problem. It should not become the officer in question's. I was extremely concerned by reports that an 'investigation' was to be undertaken. I very much hope that she will not now be victimised for doing her duty exactly as she should have done it.

Personally, I think she should be commended.

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