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Is everyone else as heartily sick and tired of the wriggling machinations of this lot and their army of legal warriors? Deserted years ago by even the left-wing ABC (not to mention The Age), when the ABC's own translator first expressed doubts about this man's claim to be an Afghani, on and on the do-gooders have hammered, trying to have this character and his family accepted as refugees. But refugees from what? From Pakistan's summer sun?
Bakhtiari legal action on horizon

LAWYERS for Australia's most controversial asylum seekers, the Bakhtiari family, could launch legal action as early as tomorrow in a bid to stop the government deporting them to Pakistan.

Enough already, they've had five appeal hearings, all of which found them to be - well, why don't we just come out and say it: frauds!
Roqia Bakhtiari and her six children were removed yesterday from the suburban Adelaide house where they were living and taken to an immigration housing facility in Port Augusta, in South Australia's north. Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone authorised the move because Mrs Bakhtiari was stressed looking after her six children.
Oh for crying out loud! Then maybe the dear Mrs. should have thought twice before jumping a boat for a shot at lying her way into Australia? That certainly should not be the concern of the Australian tax payer. This would be utterly ridiculous, if it weren't costing so much ($500,000 Australian dollars so far, and counting). These people are frauds. They're not legitimate asylum seekers - in fact their very presence here devalues the legitimate refugee's coin, not to mention jeopardising the good will most Australians have towards those genuinely in need of help. They're not even from Afghanistan. And yet still the hand wringers carry on that they should be allowed to stay. Why?

Paul Boylan, lawyer for Mrs Bakhtiari's husband, Ali, who is being held at the Baxter detention centre, said there were legal options available to the family but refused to disclose them, fearing the government might try to counter any moves if they were made public.

"There are things we can do and we might do them," he said from his home in Port Pirie, south of Port Augusta.

I can think of something I'd like to do, Paul. Unfortunately, using pine-cone tipped hydraulic rams as suppositories is, I suspect, quite illegal, so I'll just keep dreaming. And still not content with the unbelievably great deal this lot have had at the Australian taxpayers' expense, they're going to have yet another go, and without so much as a twitched eyebrow at the enormous damage this has potentially done to the genuine refugee applications currently on our books.
To explain it tells you what we might be doing but there are things we can do. Mr Boylan was travelling to Port Augusta this afternoon to meet the Bakhtiari family.
At whose expense, I wonder?
He said their removal from Adelaide, where they had a relatively free existence and the children attended school, was further proof the government was determined to deport the Bakhtiaris.
Hang on, you complete and utter parasite, removal from private school - that's right, these kids have been sent to an exclusive private school, and at our expense. That's more than the majority of Australian kids get. And you lot are still whingeing?
The family says it is from Afghanistan, but the government maintains it is from Pakistan and can safely return.
Well, from what we've been able to glean, absolutely everyone says they're from Pakistan except them. Of course, they wouldn't have a reason to lie about that now, would they?
All family members have been refused refugee status.
Uh, uh, not just any old refused – five times refused!
"The government is not mucking about, they have wanted to deport the family for years now,'' Mr Boylan said.
And for good reason, Mr Boylan. They're illegal entrants.
They got right up their nose, and what we've been trying to do in the last 10 months was get the evidence we collected after Ali's RRT (Refugee Review Tribunal) tribunal before a court, but we can't do it because of the immigration act. The stuff that we've got, which is much better than the government's evidence to say they are Pakistani, our stuff is a lot better, a lot more persuasive to say that they're Afghani.
'Our stuff is better than their stuff'. I hope we're not paying too much for your services, Paul. That said, I'm totally convinced. I mean to say, after years of dodging and weaving, including five separate appeals, why shouldn't all this amazing 'stuff' suddenly appear now when they're on the brink of finally being deported? Makes perfect sense to me. . .

But while we're on the subject, here's some more 'stuff', Paul. How about the fact that Mister Bakhtiari couldn't seem to remember anything about the village he claimed to come from? Or the fact that no one from that village knew who the hell he was? Or the fact that the various translators who have been appointed to this character have themselves said he isn't who he claims to be (including the ABC translator, who first said he wasn't even an Afghani)? And that's just for starters.

But we haven't been able to get it considered.

Gee - I wonder why, Paul? Do the words, 'we're sick to death of this litany of lies' mean anything to you?

The Bakhtiari family was thrust into the media spotlight when Alamdar and Muntazar Bakhtiari escaped from the Woomera detention centre in 2002 and sought asylum at the British Consulate in Melbourne while on the run.

The boys, now aged 15 and 13, took their case to the Court of Appeal in London to argue British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw breached the European Convention on Human Rights when he failed to protect them from inhumane and degrading treatment at the hands of Australian immigration authorities.

They failed in their appeal.

What? Yet another failed appeal?

This entire case has been a travesty from minute one. Not just due to the laughing stock it has made of a very genuine refugee program, but also due to the ongoing corruption of an otherwise honourable and generous scheme for providing succour to those most in need. What is possibly most repulsive of all, however, has been the suborning of this community's stock of generosity and goodwill in the name of these fraudsters: an event wholly orchestrated by the idiotic bleeding-heart brigade whose pride simply would not allow them to admit to being done over by a conman. And let's not even get into the greatest injustice of all: that of actually demanding that 'asylum seekers' with sufficiently large amounts of cash to pay people smugglers, should be allowed to leapfrog poorer offshore UN applicants, thereby robbing the poor (and potentially far more deserving) of a place in Australia's refugee program. But that's the left for you (yet again). A bunch of schism-ridden idiots who couldn't sort their arses from their elbows.

And to the Bakhtiari's? Enough is enough. Go home. Just go home.

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