British Cultural Suicide Watch

The UK continues to roll over and offer its belly submissively to the alpha male in its midst, political Islam. The latest proposed capitulation without a shot fired is a serious look by the Inland Revenue (their version of the IRS) to give inheritance tax breaks to the second, third and fourth wives of deceased Muslim men. Bigamy is of course illegal in the UK, officially. Not surprisingly, this proposal falls under the aegis of avoiding "religious discrimination" for the poor oppressed Muslims who must be allowed to practice all of their myriad religious requirements -- never mind how negatively it affects everyone else. Of course, the UK Muslim males could just decide to obey the law of the land and keep one wife only, thereby eliminating the need for such redress by Inland Revenue.

Obeying the laws of the country you immigrate to -- what a concept! If the tax break goes through, from there it's just a hop skip and a jump to legalizing polygamy for Muslims in the UK, as is already the case in non-Muslim-dominated India. Then the UK Muslims will be able to legally import four brides from the old country instead of the usual one. Already reeling from the demographic impact of high fertility rates and imported spouses from Islamic cultures, Britain's days as a Western culture appear to be numbered. Hat tip: Dhimmiwatch.

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