'Bin Laden' tape urges oil attack

An audio tape said to have been recorded by al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden has called on his supporters to attack Gulf oil supplies. The recording, posted on an Islamic website, has not been verified.

In the message a speaker identified as Bin Laden also praised the attack by a group of militants on a US consulate in Saudi Arabia on 6 December. The voice blamed Saudi leaders for unrest in the kingdom, accusing them of "violating God's rules".

"Targeting America in Iraq in terms of economy and loss of life is a golden and unique opportunity... Be active and prevent them from reaching the oil, and mount your operations accordingly, particulary in Iraq and the Gulf," the speaker said. The thief is taking the money of the Iraqi people and violating their land and honour, backed by the support and advice of the Arabian ruler

The speaker also said: "We ask God Almighty to have mercy on the mujahideen who stormed the consulate of the Americans in Jeddah."

Full story, thanks to BBC News

MathewK -

Since September 11, you have been a hunted man, you have disappeared off the face of the earth. If I were you, I would want to be found by the Americans or killed by them. The novelty of having kicked Sam where it hurts was great, the awe and admiration of the many would have energised you. But the reality has now set in, years on, Sam is still angry and Sam is still powerful and Sam has not forgotten.

No one knows where you are, the trail has gone cold, you may be in a cave in the mountains of Afghanistan or somewhere else, the cold reality is that years on you are still hunted, by Sam, his allies and those who want the bounty that is placed on your head, betrayal stalks you every minute and every day. When you eat, when you pray to Allah or to whomever, when you sleep, when you wake, when you bathe, when you defecate in the hole in the ground you share with the others, the fear is with you, you do not know if the man who watches over you is still loyal to the jihad or is leading Sam to you. When the couriers come to you with messages or supplies and leave you, you must move, for they may supply the coordinates of your location for Sam's precision guided missiles.

You cannot pick up a phone or call your family, the satellite phone with you can never be used for Sam is always listening and waiting. You can never touch your children or watch them grow, for your family will always be watched and will never live in peace, one day they may even curse you. You can never stay in one place, you move in the shadows and the crevices and cracks, you cannot even look up at the sky for Sam's satellites are always watching, your fear of open ground is not unwarranted, for Sam's UAVs are looking for you, hovering silently in the skies waiting to unleash the hellfires and the smart bombs. The hard rock of the cave's floor is the bed you have made and must lie in, your closest circle can be your worst enemy, you always watch each other, lest one of you betrays the others to Sam.

If you are sheltered in a city, you can never show your face in public, even amongst those that swear loyalty to you, even those whose loyalty has been bought with blood money. You cannot speak in public or incite the gullible or read to them from the Koran, for betrayal stalks you, Sam is watching and Sam has spies who will trade you for the reward, you can never show your face to your followers but in a grainy video or a through a garbled audio cassette. Even then you have to flee to another safe house for Sam will magnify and trace and analyse and pin point the slightest mistake. You can never seek asylum from any country or government, you cannot seek safe passage, or ask for help from any official, you have to move like a thief in the night for the wrath of Sam is the price they will pay.

When you move by car, or by animal or by boat, you fear the laser mark on you guiding Sam's missile, you fear the hellfire, the betrayal, the ambush, the bunker buster, the gunship, when you sit with your bum on the rock or squat in the cave hidden from the world, when you place your life in the hands of the guide as he leads you into unknown territory, always the fear. Since September 11 Sam has moved into your backyard, he has flushed you from your sanctuary, he is not going anywhere and he is more dangerous that you ever imagined.

The world may have laughed at Sam on that fateful day or cried with him in the days that followed and stood with him in the aftermath, but the republican Sam and the democrat Sam both share the same anger towards you. Long after the loathing of the current Sam is replaced with the loathing of the next Sam they will still hunt you. To assume that you will crack soon would be foolish, you obviously understand, if not before then definitely now, what you have to do to elude Sam.

You may evade Sam for years, but time is not on your hands, every day being hunted will weigh heavily on your spirit and Sam has all the time in the world, you have to be lucky everyday for the rest of your life, Sam need get lucky only once.

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