C.L. on Vilification

Easily one of Australia's finest bloggers, Currency Lad has turned his surgical intellect to the matter of anti-vilification laws:
Both articles are worth reading in light of last Friday's report that a Cardinal-Prefect of the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal had decided in favour of the Islamic Council of Victoria in an action brought against Catch The Fire ministries. Judge Michael Higgins found that Catch the Fire had "made fun of Muslim beliefs and conduct."

That means Australian pubs and backyards and dinner tables are over-run with criminals. Chances of such a law being used to stop an artist submerging a crucifix in urine for public display? Zero. Chances of such a law being used to stop Gay Mardi Gras vilification of nuns? Zero. Chances of such a law stopping an artist painting an image of the Virgin using faeces? Zero. Chances of the burka being banned because it inspires oppression of women? Zero. In other words, this is not real law - it's the bourgeois censorship of people whom the legal/administrative class happen to - well - hate. Members of the snobby upper echelons of the Victorian legal establishment - judicial officers included - should turn themselves in.
Wonderful stuff.

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