A Leftist foot-shoot

There is a relatively new Leftist group-blog called "Left2Right" that aims to "talk to" conservatives in a civil and persuasive manner: A rather amazing idea in the context of the torrents of abuse and contempt that is usually all that the Left can produce by way of dialogue with conservatives. A recent post by Elizabeth Anderson aims to deflect the common charge that Leftists are not patriotic. Given the way America-haters like Michael Moore and Noam Chomsky are lionized and given every honour by America's Left, that is a big ask from the outset and the way the charming Ms Anderson goes about her task is very revealing. She is indeed persuasive that she personally loves her country but some of the other things she says about herself and her views suggest that she is in fact fairly conservative: She says: "Give me the pursuit of excellence over "self-esteem" any day" and "Central Park ... Fully restored and enhanced to great glory, it is a far cry from its dismal state in the 1970s, when it was a decrepit haven for drug dealers. Now families don't hesitate to take their children there to play. There is no more vivid sign of the spectacular revival of New York City than this (except perhaps for the clean, grafitti-free subways). The new reign of civility --and yes, I do give former Mayor Giuliani credit for this--" and "Chinatown shows how free trade in goods and free movement of people are inextricable from the free exchange of ideas and willingness to learn from and welcome them, no matter their origin" and "Mayor Giuliani brought spectacular benefits to the city by insisting not just on a crackdown on crime, but on restoring order and civility to the streets, without which people cannot raise families in the city". I could go on but it seems to me that the lady is far to the Right of most Leftists and would in fact be unremarked as a moderate Republican. Given his big spending on the war and such things, GWB could certainly use her eagerness to pay taxes! So what the good woman seems to have proved by her own example is precisely the opposite of what she aimed at. She has shown that you have to be substantially conservative in America today to be patriotic!

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