Islamic Utopia Claims More Victims

As someone of part Italian descent, I am outraged, appalled, and outraged. A double helping of outrage, that's right:
A drunken Italian tourist has been fined more than $3,000 (£1,566) for hugging and kissing a woman in public in the United Arab Emirates.

Police took the couple in for questioning after seeing them embracing in the back of a taxi near Dubai airport, said local paper Gulf News.

Officers say the pair confessed to kissing and hugging, and the Italian also admitted to being drunk.

The woman, an Egyptian national, had to pay $500 for lewd behaviour in public.

Considered one of the most liberal emirates, Dubai currently boasts about 5m visitors a year - many of them Westerners - and is keen to establish itself as the Gulf's business and leisure hub.
Good thing the cops did not see where their hands were. Or they'd be chopped off.

I'm sorry, but the Islamic nations must be reformed by way of armoured division as swiftly as possible.

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