Making deals?

I was asked this morning what I thought about Kofi Annan's little meeting with Colin Powell yesterday.

I was also asked if I thought it was ironic that Annan was here looking for the Administrations support in the food for oil scandal.

What I think about the United Nations and Kofi Annan in particular is no secret, not to anyone who knows me personally nor to readers of this blog.

I believe Annan and his merry band of thugs are as corrupt as the Corleone family. I don't believe they do the jobs they were entrusted to do and that they have outlived their usefulness. I'd like to see them reduced to nothing more than a humanitarian organization, dispensing aid where and when needed. It would also be nice if a new organization could be formed, one that doesn't allow dicators and rogue nations any say in world affairs.

In fact being a democracy would be a requirement for membership.

There's even more I could say on what I think but the fact is that my thoughts are irrelevant in the bigger picture.

What is important now are the January elections in Iraq and all we have now is the United Nations as it stands. So I suppose if Colin Powell and the Bush administration have to make a deal with Kofi to get some much needed help then who am I to complain.

I have supported the war and I still do, but supporting it doesn't mean I don't wish it was over and I don't wish for our soldiers to return home. The sooner that country is stable the sooner that can become a reality and the sooner the reality the better for the Iraqis.

The sad truth is that had the world via the United Nations stood behind us in our mission, then we would not face the problems in Iraq that we do. But they didn't and knowing this has emboldened the insurgency and fed anti American attitudes around the world. They found it easy to ignore the political and financial motivations of the opposers and believed only that the UN didn't support us so therefore we must have been wrong.

A few days ago another mass grave was found in Iraq, this one containing over 500 bodies, and yet there are still people who claim putting an end to Saddam Hussain's reign of terror was illegal and immoral.

As I said if there are deals to be made then make them. I'll not complain or whine as long as the job gets done. But if Kofi Annan or the United Nations screw us over then my hope is that the Administration and all of our Allies in Iraq make it their life's work to see that organization torn apart and nothing left but the shame of every humanitarian( here and here) and political failure ( here and here) connected to it.

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