Not fit for publication

On the front pages of newspapers or the evening news, as it may cause offense to anti-war activists, lead to excessively high levels of progress and peace in the middle east, may lead to unacceptable levels of cooperation, might undermine global support for child murdering terrorist scum etc.






Whenever there is a whiff of some terrorist scumbag's human rights being violated out of Iraq or Afghanistan, its splashed cross the news broadcasts, around the world repeatedly, lest anyone miss it.

Do we ever seen any of these pictures from Iraq on our tv screens or newspapers, never, I suppose it would go against the, hate-America, Iraq=Vietnam, anti-Bush, anti-soldiers, leftist, half empty, won't work, pro terrorist, achieve nothing, perfect war, agenda.

Thanks to The Jawa Report, and more importantly, also to the female G.I. who goes by the nickname of Parabellum who served in Iraq, for bringing these pictures back.

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