Anyone else catch 60 Minutes (Australia), and its latest offering on Australia's live export trade? What a load of bollocks. Too PC to lay blame at the door of the primitive Middle Eastern attitude to animals and their treatment, oh no, we ambush poor old Julian McGauran, jumping up and down on his 'evil' for facilitating the treatment by selling them cattle and sheep in the manner they demand.

Terrific. So brave. We can't criticize another cultural practice, because we're cultural relativists (doncha know; no culture is better than any other - especially Muslim ones). So, in yet another example of Leftist double standards and split-brain think, we attack those among us who actually do what these same Lefty cultural relativists demand. . .

Don't waste my time. You want to end this? Then call it like it is.

Until then, push off, you pathetic, gutless weasels.

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