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Remember that eye opening article by Mark Steyn , it seems a few politicians are beginning to wake up with a bitter taste in the mouth.

Liberal MP Danna Vale has warned that Australia risks becoming a Muslim nation if women continue to abort children at the current rate. The surprising warning was delivered at the launch yesterday of an anti-RU486 amendment, which would ensure ministerial responsibility and parliamentary oversight of the abortion pill.

Former veterans affairs minister Mrs Vale outlined her concerns about abortion on "economic grounds". "A certain imam from the Lakemba mosque actually says Australia is going to be a Muslim nation in 50 years time," Mrs Vale said.

"I didn't believe him at the time. But when you look at the birth rates ... we are aborting ourselves almost out of existence by 100,000 abortions every year. You multiply that by 50 years -- that's 5million potential Australians we won't have here."

Good God, 100000 a year, do the pro-choice groups have any idea what they are promoting, do they realise they are ensuring their own demise in the long run. I say, good on Dana Vale for stating the obvious, hopefully more people wake up to this, it is still early but the criticism has already started.

Former sports minister Jackie Kelly said Mrs Vale was "on her own on that one".

From SMH

Keysar Trad [not popular amongst Muslims, but a favourite of the left due to anti Howard & talkback radio leanings], head of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, said Mrs Vale's remarks were outlandish and that they pandered to xenophobia and the "community's shortage of understanding about Islam".

"It's just a cheap shot and it's very unfortunate," he told AAP.

I heard her being interviewed on Talkback this morning, apparently the ABC have lost their tempers and chucked their toys out, accusing her of saying Muslims are having too many children. She never said that, but why let such things get in the way of a good smear.

Wonder if they published the 'offensive' cartoons, you know free speech and all that.


Yes it is coming in thick and strong, the soft spined are having their say.

Labor's Claire Moore says the comments were very unhelpful. "She's obviously I think, tried to make some kind of scare comment," she said. "We shouldn't fall into the trap of making comments that could be seen as racist."

The president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Dr Ameer Ali, says Mrs Vale has gone overboard and should be condemned. "How low can this person get to in terms of racism?" he said.

"It's the most racist comment I have ever seen - Muslim people are human beings, they are also living in poverty, they can't afford to have a couple of children these days and just because a few people are having a larger family, that doesn't mean the whole Muslim community are targeted as people who are giving birth to a large number of children."

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