More blessings from the religion of peace and tranquility

We accomodate, understand, change our ways, liberate, accept, apologise, appease, offer money etc. What do we get in return -

Hundreds of Muslims protesting caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad tried to storm the U.S. Embassy on Sunday, smashing the windows of a guard post but failing to push through the gates. Several people were injured.

In Jakarta, about 400 people marched to the heavily fortified U.S. mission in the center of the city, behind a banner reading “We are ready to attack the enemies of the Prophet.” They set fire to U.S. flags and a poster of President Bush and smashed the windows of a guard outpost before dispersing after a few minutes.

The U.S. Embassy called the attacks deplorable, describing them as acts of “thuggery.”

A protest organizer said the West, and particularly the United States, is attacking Islam.“They want to destroy Islam through the issue of terrorism ... and all those things are engineered by the United States,” said Maksuni, who only uses one name.

“We are fighting America fiercely this time,” he said. “And we also are fighting Denmark.”

Since Australia is an Ally of the United States, and both countries gave substancial aid to Indonesia after the Tsunami, can we get that money back please, afterall we are supposedly at war. America also gives a lot of aid to Pakistan, I know it would be cruel to ask for the money back, but we are tiring of setting examples that others refuse to follow.

Pakistani Muslims protesting in the southern city of Sukkur ransacked and burned a church Sunday after hearing accusations that a Christian man had burned pages of the Quran, Islam’s holy book.

That incident came a day after Muslims protesting in the Nigerian city of Maiduguri attacked Christians and burned 15 churches in a three-hour rampage that killed at least 15 people. Some 30 other people have died during protests over the cartoons that erupted about three weeks ago.

Elsewhere it seems the palestinians are reaping what they have merrily sowed and some are beginning to wake up.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has said the Palestinian Authority (PA) is facing a "real financial crisis". Mr Abbas was speaking hours after Israel approved a series of punitive measures against the PA, including withholding tax revenues.

He said aid had begun to decrease after last month's Palestinian poll. It was won by Hamas - regarded as a terrorist group by Israel, the US and the EU. Speaking after the Israeli cabinet announced tough steps against the new Hamas-dominated PA, Mr Abbas said the Palestinians' situation was grave.

"Unfortunately, the pressures have begun and the support and the aid started to decrease... therefore we are currently in a real financial crisis," he told reporters in Gaza. He confirmed that the United States had asked the PA to return $50m following Hamas' victory, but he said talks on the subject were continuing, AFP news agency reported.

I know a lot of starving Africans who would be happy to take that $50m off your hands President Bush, and I assure you they won't be gathering in groups to burn your flag or repaying your generosity with bomb belts and death threats.

Earlier Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Israel would not work with a PA in the hands of Hamas. "The PA is, in practice, becoming a terrorist authority," Mr Olmert said. "Israel will not hold contacts with the administration in which Hamas plays any part - small, large or permanent," he said.

Israel would however allow humanitarian aid to reach the Palestinians, Mr Olmert said.

I am surprised Israel has been passing money (other than humanitarian aid) across to mouths that consistently bite. Even then who in history has passed on aid to an enemy so determined to annihilate you.

The newly elected speaker of the Palestinian parliament, Hamas legislator Aziz Duaik, said Israel's new measures would prove counter-productive.
"This is a faulty decision, and the Israelis must reconsider their decision. It will only increase hatred."

Aziz Duaik must think the rest of the world are a bunch of fools when he threatens more hatred towards Israel, I don't know how much more hatred Jews can expect, than being threatened to be driven into the sea.

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