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From: ABC Communities Team
ABC Online Registration
Dear ABC Communities Team,
After visiting your site, I found myself drawn to the fact that the majority of your contributors appear to be afflicted with a virulent strain of 'Fuckwitism'. Perusing your forums leaves me feeling as though the future of Australian societal discourse is in the prehensile hands of badly trained circus primates, of which most appear to be petulant shit-flinging monkies. Rather than promoting a free and frank discussion of the various merits of a given populist topic, the ABC continues to waste taxpayers monies on agendas as far removed from reality and objective analysis as it's possible to get.
The full sale of the ABC should be next on the agenda. I'd rather spend my 8 cents a day on something more worthwhile, such as 3 squares of toilet paper or the lid off a Coke bottle.

In closing, I disrespectfully request my details to be removed from the ABC communal database. At the end of my meagre existence on this planet, I will be consumed with anger that I wasted precious minutes of my life at the ABC forums.

Waiting in eager anticipation for the eventual closing of the ABC,

Crossposted@Bastards Inc.

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