Some excellent and long overdue comments from Australia’s Treasurer overnight. . .

Citizenship 'not taken seriously'

FEDERAL Treasurer Peter Costello has taken aim at "mushy multiculturalism" in a hardline call for citizenship to be taken more seriously.

Mr Costello said yesterday Muslim immigrants wanting to live under Islamic law in Australia should hand back citizenship. "There is one law we are all expected to abide by -- it is the law enacted by Parliament under the Australian Constitution," he said.

And he called for a tougher approach to the "second generation" -- children of immigrants -- who flagrantly refused to respect Australian law.

"Before becoming an Australian, you will be asked to subscribe to certain values. If you have strong objections to those values don't come to Australia."

The oath of citizenship requires loyalty to Australia and respect for democracy and the rule of law. Mr Costello said law-breaking immigrants who failed to understand that could be stripped of citizenship and sent back to their homelands.

He said Australia needed to make more of the demanding requirements of citizenship.
And not just Australia. The Anglosphere in general. For decades, we’ve pretty much given it away.

Mr Costello recalled a citizenship ceremony in his own electorate where a state MP claimed that becoming an Australian did not mean having to surrender culture, language, religion or opinions. "This confused mushy multiculturalism completely underestimated the audience," he said.
‘Did not mean having to surrender culture, language, religion or opinions’. Oh really? I guess that explains why certain leftist academics are now rolling over on issues like female genital mutilation (for example). And we know which party that particular state MP hails from – don’t we. Once again, the ALP displaying its ‘hate Australia’ credentials.

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