Brave cultural warriors from the socialist youth organisation Resistance have created a novel political message marketing idea, designed to ensure that ambivalent voters and supporters will focus their attention at the futility and stupidity of the Communism movement in Australia.

Media release: Flag burning kit
Posted on Saturday, February 18 @ 17:17:54 WST by resistance

Resistance as part of its campaign to support freedom of expression and civil liberties is offering flag burning kits during O-Week activities and beyond.

The kit is inspired by Resistance member Azlan McLennan's recent artwork "Proudly un-Australian", which was censored by police when it was removed illegally from its Footscray gallery.

The Flag Burning kit displays the sentiment that many young people today feel, given the Australian government's racist refugee policy; its treatment of Indigenous people; its use of violence against protesters; its support of US foreign policy; and its oppressive military role in the Asia-Pacific.

The kit contains:
1 x Australian Flag
1 x Lighter
1 x Fire Lighting Cube
1 x Resistance Material

The current debate in the media surrounding the burning of the flag seeks to vilify those who utilise their rights to freedom of speech, expression and association. The right to political dissent is an inherent human right, and the burning of the Australian flag symbolises that freedom.

There's got to be a hired goon squad near there. Nothing like a bit of dissent crushing to remind them they live in a fascist state ruled by a military junta. Now, where did I leave my jack boots?

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