Big Bl**dy Deal!

How much more desperate can the MSM in America get? I’m seriously wondering here.

Cheney victim blamed
Oh, booger, booger – the Whitehouse is blaming the victim! Aren’t they evil! Well, only if it wasn’t actually the guy’s fault. . .

WASHINGTON -- The White House yesterday tried to blame the victim and absolve Vice-President Dick Cheney after he shot a friend on a Texas hunting trip.
'Tried' – get that? 'Tried'. But most obviously and abysmally failed, because we all know what an eeeeeeeeeeeeevil and incompetent man Lon Cheney really is. PUSH OFF!

Other officials struggled to explain why they waited 24 hours to make Saturday's shooting public. White House press secretary Scott McClellan said the victim, wealthy lawyer Harry Whittington, 78, had not followed basic hunting safety rules.
Struggled – struggled, I tell you. A titanic, struggley struggle of struggle-like proportions. WHO THE HELL CARES! Seriously. Cheney peppered some guy with birdshot in a hunting accident. But it should have been on the wire immediately! The press should have been notified within moments! The Pope! The IRS! The CIA! The UN! My mother! It's a cover up! A cover up, we tell you!

Get a grip.

"Protocol was not followed by Mr Whittington when it came to notifying others that he was there," Mr McClellan said.
Revelation here - stuff happens.

But several hunting experts said Mr Cheney might have violated a cardinal rule of hunting: know your surroundings before you pull the trigger.
Oooooh - 'hunting experts'. 'Might'. 'Violated'. 'Cardinal rule'. Smoking gun, people, smoking, smoking. . .

So, how about 'know your surroundings to the best of your ability. . .' Unfortunately, this doesn't often include surgical implants enabling x-ray vision, motion tracking or bl**dy radar.

No doubt GWB was in on it. No - I know - GWB did it, and Cheney's taking the fall! Of course! It's all so obvious!
Officials said Mr Cheney did not have a required hunting stamp on his licence, but action was unlikely because the stamp had only just been introduced. Mr Whittington was hit with birdshot and escaped serious injury.


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