It Will Take More Than Just Cash

Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice is holding off on a Liberal pledge of $5 billion saying there is more to it than simply cutting a cheque.
Indian Affairs Minister Jim Prentice says "overwhelming" groundwork must be laid before $5 billion promised for native people can be well spent.

Until that's achieved, survival of the landmark Kelowna accord reached just before the Liberals were toppled last fall is in doubt.

But throwing money at dilapidated housing and dysfunctional education systems isn't enough, he said.
As much as people don't like to admit it he's right. Throwing money at a problem without a plan of action in place is akin to pissing in the wind. One only has to look at our pathetic national health care system for evidence of that. No one is denying that many of this nation's reserves are in shambles but it will take more than just money to correct this travesty. But wasn't that the Liberal way - instead of tackling the problems facing this country just keep tossing money at them?

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