Oh No

John Howard and the Coalition have taken a hit in the polls afterweeks of bribery allegations over Iraqi wheat deals and bickering between Liberal and Nationals MPs. The Coalition has lost its comfortable New Year lead over the ALP, with Labor nosing ahead on a two-party-preferred basis.

As Labor has continued to grill the Government in parliament over the AWB payments of $290million to Saddam Hussein's regime, Coalition primary support fell from 44 to 41per cent.
According to a Newspoll survey taken exclusively for The Australian last weekend, the ALP's primary support rose from a three-month low of 36per cent to 39per cent.

Based on preferences at the last election, the ALP is ahead of the Coalition 51 to 49per cent. At the 2004 election, the Coalition won 52.8per cent of the two-party-preferred vote and Labor won 47.2per cent.

It looks dire people, should John Howard throw in the towel, labor looks poised to strike, should the liberals start packing their bags, should Australians prepare themselves for a return of the economic boom years that were, before the wretched Howard years.

Oh not to worry, I don't think the PM is least concerned, and lets not take my opinion or God forbid, listen to the PM, lets see what the Labor frontbench has to say about their dear leader.

I spoke with one of Kim Beazley's "united" frontbench team last week. They described their leader as "a gutless shitbag".

I wonder, was Latham just an exception or the norm? While I'm wondering, how ever will I vote at the next election, decisions decisions..

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