Premier Iemma (NSW - ALP) has just come out in total agreement with Treasurer Costello:

Citizenship 'not taken seriously'

FEDERAL Treasurer Peter Costello has taken aim at "mushy multiculturalism" in a hardline call for citizenship to be taken more seriously.
Premier Beattie (QLD - ALP) totally condemns the Treasurer for his remarks (for the usual reasons).

And so, on one side, we have some belated respect for our nation, our culture, our way of life.

On the other, we 'maintain the rage'. . . (a reminder to those old enough - like me - to remember what that means).

Who would you vote for? One Premier realises (that it, the multi-culti BS, is over - though I [the writer] hold no illusions as to his sincerity).

The other maintains. . .

All know the score.

Vote now.

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