Time for Justice - Sharia Style

From Evil Pundit of Doom, LGF, a SandMonkey(?) and God bless whoever else -

An Egyptian blogger has found that the Danish cartoons that supposedly sparked worldwide violence were published by an Egyptian newspaper during the holy month of Ramadan last year.

Anybody aware of mass rioting and burning in Egypt around this time?

Also, an Iranian newspaper, running a cartoon contest mocking the Holocaust in supposed retaliation for the Danish publication of images of Mohammed, has at least one, and probably several, images of Mohammed currently displayed on its own website!

Anybody aware of mass rioting, hangings, beheadings or stoning in Iran over this?

If not, the will of the zealots must be carried out, Sharia style, somebody find a sturdy crane, some good rope, get some drinks and food people, its going to take a while.

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