Pictures not 'suitable' for the media

While the mainstream media is busy frothing at the mouth over the prospect of more terrorists being shown tied up, blindfolded and frightened, there are some other pictures which indicate a far, far greater degree of abuse and, in many cases, a total abandonment of any basic rules of war.

If any leftists you know look at these pictures and still try to equate the behaviour of terrorists with that of the guards at Abu Ghraib or Gitmo, first, slap them gently on the wrist.

Then pick up a baseball bat and give them a good swift smack in the mouth. Then remind them (as they lie on the floor, vomiting blood) that really, both forms of abuse are essentially the same.

It is worth noting that it was "our" SBS - the treacherous Australian fifth column of a national ethnic broadcaster - that first aired the new pictures, after they were leaked to them. No thought was apparently given to the kind of reactions they would incite in the Muslim world. No question of avoiding 'giving offense'.

SBS refused to air the Danish cartoons on those grounds. But, you see, that was Europe, and SBS is fond of lefty Europe. These new pictures direct Muslim hatred back on the USA, which is precisely what the despicable employees of SBS Australia wanted.

I invite emails from readers who have ideas as to how grassroots political pressure can be brought to bear against SBS, with a view to having them either privatised or shut down permanently, their assets stripped. They are clearly now intent upon using taxpayer funds to work against the national interest. They've got to go.

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