Shock/Horror - Leftists hero supports terrorism

INN - Ezra Nawi, the Jewish pro-Arab activist who has become a hero to leftists, is a supporter of terror organization Hamas’s actions in Judea and Samaria, a court proceeding revealed Tuesday.

In a case involving a complaint by Nawi against two residents of Mitzpeh Asael in southern Mount Hevron, Supreme Court Judge Esther Chayut revealed to the defendants and their attorney that the security services see Nawi as “a supporter of Hamas activity in the area.”

The defendants’ attorney, Yoram Sheftel, had filed a motion for the discovery of secret evidence in the criminal case being prosecuted at the Be’er Sheva District Court against the two residents of Judea.

Nawi is himself the defendant in a separate case, in which he is charged with assaulting police officers. Due to this case, Nawi has become a celebrity of sorts for the international Left, which is mounting a petition campaign to “free Ezra.” Articles of support for Nawi have appeared in Haaretz, the New York Times, the Guardian and elsewhere. Everywhere he is depicted as a man of peace whose only crime was to oppose the demolition of an Arab home.

I'm lying on the floor in shock folks, fell right off my chair when I read that. Couldn't believe it, leftist hero exposed as a terrorism supporter, no way, get outta here, never in a million years, can't be! Must be a nefarious CIA-Zionist conspiracy or something, with the Free-Masons logistical involvement perhaps.

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