Good news from Europe

New Europe - In a move that irritated European Union officials who said it violated the bloc’s rules on releasing results of the elections for the European Parliament, the Netherlands said the far-right Dutch Freedom Party PVV, which participated for the first time, emerged as the first winner in the EU-wide parliamentary elections. The party, which came out of obscurity with a hard-line policy toward immigrants and is headed by an anti-Muslim preacher, will get four seats in the European Parliament, becoming the second-strongest Dutch faction after the Christian Democrats, who fell from seven to five seats, setting up an uncomfortable confrontation.
Gee, I didn't know that Geert Wilders is an anti-Muslim 'preacher', I'm sure that's just a smear that the angry lefties (?) at New Europe couldn't help. Note as well, how the PVV is classed as a "far-right" party, read the whole article and you can see the leftist parties are not classed as "far-left"; neither are they said to be headed by pro-warming preachers, for example. Next, the half-wits will be labeling them as the far-far-far-right PVV. Either way, this is good news out of Europe, go Geert, and choke on that lefties!

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