Hands off our liberty KRudd

News.com.au - CLIMATE Change Minister Penny Wong has made a last-ditch appeal for the Opposition to support the Government's emissions trading scheme ahead of a crucial vote tomorrow. The scheme is almost certain to be defeated in the upper house tomorrow, with Opposition senators maintaining they will vote the plan down.
The other day I heard Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce on the radio talking about the emissions trading scheme. I couldn't believe what the fellow was banging on about when I heard him. He is one of the few politicians calling this ETS what it is, an additional tax on Australians. He went on to say that every time something happens, this government wants to put another tax on Aussies. Teens drinking too much, tax us more, obesity growing, tax us more, the solution to every problem is another tax!

Three cheers for Barnaby, that man calls those socialist scumbags in Canberra for what they really are. And I think that too few of us are doing this. The reality is that we can shut down and move into caves and nothing will change, the warming or the climate won't stop changing, starting or whatever it's doing today. And the biggest emitter of carbon, China, isn't going to stop just because little old Australia did so.

Those socialists in Canberra know this, but they won't stop because carbon emissions, warming and all that shit was never the objective, that was just thrown up to deceive the gullible, the lazy, the stupid, the closet commies, the human-haters and the parasitical.

I remember a few days ago reading about the Town hall protests in America, the democrats there went to the meetings to tell people about free healthcare, the crowd responded, 'Tyranny, tyranny'. Soon those democrats fled and revealed themselves for the brown-shirt socialists they really are. On the surface of it, you'd think, huh! They came to talk about free healthcare and these people see 'tyranny'! But you see those ordinary Americans get it, it's not about free this or free that. It's not about better healthcare, it's not about reducing carbon pollution or stopping global warming.

Where ever both have been tried, neither has happened, but the proponents plow on strangely; that's because the real objective is being met. And the real objective is the erosion of liberty, taking our freedoms away, impoverishing us through more and more taxes and controlling us like sheep. So don't bother trying to tell those brown-shirts in Canberra how the climate won't change and the evidence says otherwise, they don't care.

Call them what they are, shove you ETS krudd and keep your hands off our liberty.

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