Melbourne streets frighteningly violent, says Mayor's own daughter

Conspicuously not mentioned below is who the Melbourne steeet thugs are: Mostly ethnics, particularly Africans, Lebanese Muslims and Polynesians (Maoris and other Pacific islanders). Melbourne is paying the price for John Howard's unwise "refugee" policies and open immigration from New Zealand

THE eldest daughter of Melbourne's Lord Mayor says it's not worth visiting the CBD late at night because of violent thugs roaming the streets. Bridie Doyle, 22, said young people across Melbourne were concerned about the deteriorating situation, and "it couldn't hurt" to put extra police on the streets. "I don't think it's necessarily just the city. I think violence in Melbourne is bad anywhere you go," Ms Doyle said.

She was particularly shocked by a recent attack at a Hungry Jack's outlet in Chapel St, Prahran. "You do get worried because I have been there thousands of times," she said. "But I was just up in Queensland and it's bad there too. I wouldn't walk around at 3am by myself regardless of where I was."

Ms Doyle said people her age were constantly talking about the issue because it affected everyone. "I think it's not necessarily that they go out and see it. It's more that it was reported and then you think 'it was near me' and, 'Oh, I could have been there'."

Ms Doyle backed her dad Robert's efforts to help stem the tide of late-night horror. But yesterday she surprised him when she called radio station 3AW to ask him about the value of extra police on the streets. Asked whether she went out in the city, she replied: "The violence has become so bad at night time that it's just not worth it."

Cr Doyle told the Herald Sun his daughter's call highlighted the issues he must concentrate on. "I think that's one of the problems we have, that there are young women who think the city is not a particularly welcoming place at the moment and we have got to fix that," he said.


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