A new home for Sandbag and Hesco

Daily Mail - The Blue Cross is supporting a fundraising appeal to bring Sandbag the 'hero' dog who served with our troops to Britain. After MailOnline drew attention to the mascot's plight, the animal charity has decided to raise the necessary funds needed to transport Sandbag and Hesco, a cat who also bonded with soldiers in Iraq, back to the UK. Judging by the public response to the loveable labrador's situation, securing the funds necessary to arrange for the trip and pay the quarantine costs should be a formality.

......Sandbag had been living with military personnel at their base in Um Qasa, near Basra, and was credited with bringing them good luck on patrols. He is rumoured to have survived being shot five times. However, when the withdrawal of forces was announced, there were fears Sandbag would be put down by the Iraqis or killed by local dogs. More than 6,000 people signed a petition on the Number 10 website calling for the dog to be given refuge in the UK. Sandbag was also given his own Facebook page.
Sorry, no pictures of Hesco. Now would it surprise you, dear reader, that the government of Britain has refused to bring the two back. When it comes to the leftist government of Britain, you be sure that they almost always come down on the side of the vile and will always choose scumbaggery over the right thing. To you and me it's so simple, the troops served their country, they love Sandbag and Hesco and they want Sandbag and Hesco back with them. Well then, come on in, what's all this about petitions and raising funds, first plane out with the troops. A bone for Sandbag and a fresh fish for Hesco, post haste.

But not to the diseased vermin that run that once-fine country, no sir, if it's an illegal immigrant rapist/murderer up for deportation, no way in hell, they'll be facing a grim life back where they came from, so that's a 'no' to deportation and a fast-track to welfare. If it's a muslim hating on Britain, calling for gays to be shot and infidel whores to be beaten, he can stay, no worries, it's all good, welfare for life etc. If it's some evil piece of scum skank that probably helped beat her little baby to death, then new identities and welfare for life. However if it's aging troops who once served Britain loyally or some poor dog and cat that dodged bullets and on their ninth life, F@#$ the petitions, F@#$ the troops, F@#$ the people's wishes, F@#$ the animals, they can hang and swing in the wind.

I remember a long time reading that a blogger in the UK wanted to dance and piss on the graves of the vermin that run Britain, he best get in line, it'll be going around the block and into the next neighborhood at this rate.

Lastly, if anyone hears news that they weren't able to raise enough funds, let us know. Oh and according to the article, the Americans are going to be taking the base over from the Brits, so the Brits better move fast on this. If I know those Americans any well, Sandbag and Hesco will be winning hearts and minds from the first lick and purr respectively.

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