Another Hero Takes Out the Trash

Does it get any sweeter than this?

An elderly shopkeeper has described how he whipped out a shotgun and killed two of four men allegedly trying to rob his New York store.

Charles "Gus" Augusto Jr, 72, shot the men on Thursday during a bloody showdown later labelled "Pump-Action Ending" on the front page of the New York Daily News.

Well I suppose it could have been sweeter had he got all four of them, but two out of four, when they are armed with guns and are threatening not just yourself but your staff as well is a magnificent effort.

Mr Augusto said the would-be thieves walked into his store about 3pm, pulled out handguns and began demanding his staff for money.

One of the men pistol-whipped an employee while another worker had a gun pointed at his face, Mr Augusto said.

The men allegedly refused to leave when the manager told them he had no money.

Mr Augusto said he reached for the nearby 12-gauge shotgun when he thought one of the men was about to shoot an employee.

Good on you, Gus. You decided you were not going to be a victim and were going to take responsibility for your own safety and that of your staff. You are a true man who refused to be cowed by criminal filth.

Now of course this is New York and you know the leftist scum would be all over him demanding he be arrested if he didn't say he would rather not have done it and not felt sorry for the criminal scum and their families, so we hold nothing against him for saying as such.

But we here are not cowardly leftist scum so we can all celebrate and take great pleasure in the fact there are now two less pieces of shit walking around the world, sucking up oxygen.

I tip my hat and my glass to you, Gus. Job well done!

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