All they want is to make us pay!

The Australian - SHOPPERS face a jump in grocery prices of up to 7 per cent under Labor's scheme to reduce carbon emissions, prompting calls for the Rudd government to come up with a compensation package to help low- and middle-income families. ......Although the government has revealed plans to compensate households for increased energy prices when the ETS is expected to be introduced in 2011, it has yet to announce how it will cover the rise in grocery prices.

......Australian Retailers Association executive director Russell Zimmerman said the ETS would lead to a sharp increase in grocery shelf prices as costs increased at every stage of the production and distribution process. "It's going to be a high cost to the consumer - the food manufacturer gets an ETS charge, then there's delivery, and the retailers use refrigeration and lighting, and the cost of that is all going to be handed on," Mr Zimmerman said. "Retail is a very competitive business. There's not a lot of margin in grocery retailing, so these costs can't be absorbed."
What they don't tell us is that this clamoring to "cover the rise in grocery prices" isn't kevin rudd writing personal cheques from the millions his wife made, rather it'll be him stealing from those who worked for it and pretending like he's helping out by giving that to those who did not. One way or another we will pay, either through higher prices, taxes or fewer jobs, there is no way around that. What's also important is that all these additional costs will be hitting local producers the hardest. The farmers over in China, Vietnam, etc won't be hit by kevin rudd in his nefarious quest to change the weather.

They might be slightly hit when their crap hits our shores and the folks driving their stuff to our shops have to pay another wretched tax to the thieves in government, but that's it. So you know what'll happen, the Aussie farmers will have to raise their prices and the people out there will buy even less Australian produce and drive them out of business.

Way to go kevin, every time you see that gasbag in the media he's waffling on about working families and his minions are prattling on about how we're all going to die if we don't make war on carbon. Too bad if you're a working family on a farm, suck eggs all the way off it. They have to give way to the inner-city, latte-sipping, volvo-driving wankers clamoring for their precious kevvie do posture and preen like some sort of climate messiah to commies who increasingly think he's nothing more than an irritating monkey.

We'd better wake up to all this real fast, otherwise we'll just be taxing ourselves to death while the climate, the planet and the rest of the world goes on its merry way. Make no mistake, whether this tax works or not is irrelevant, the left couldn't care less if the whole world doesn't do anything, once this tax is upon us, they'll never take it away. We can be living in a damn ice-age and they'll still be screaming that we must pay, that's all they want.

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