So much for the good news out of Europe

INN - A high birth rate among Muslim immigrants to Europe will make followers of the religion a majority of the population in many European Union countries in less than 40 years, according to demographers. ......The high population numbers are the result of Europe’s open immigration policies that have attracted Muslims from poorer countries and whose birth rate is far higher than those of European non-Muslims. ......The number of Muslims in Europe today is far above 15 million and may be as many as 25 million.

In some cities, such as Birmingham England, whites are expected to be a minority in less than two decades, and Muslims may become a majority in France by 2050. Long-term effects of the growing Muslim population may be felt in foreign relations, particularly with the United States, but immediate changes have been implemented in areas concerning Islamic law, known as Sharia. Last year, the British government quietly allowed Muslim religion courts to rule on Muslim civil cases concerning divorces, financial disputes and domestic violence, creating fears that Muslims will establish a legal system parallel and with equal authority as the British legal system.

If there are any Jews left in Europe, best get to packing folks. I think even the loony left will admit that tolerance of other faiths just won't happen when it concerns muslims and Jews. So the smart money ain't on the Jews leading a comfortable life in a future-Europe dominated by muslims. I don't think it'll be a comfortable life for any infidels, come to think of it.

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