Americans are right to fear socialized health

FOX News - Britain's health care service says it is sick of being lied about. Pilloried by right-wing critics of President Barack Obama's health care plan, Britain's National Health Service, known here as the NHS, is fighting back. "People have been saying some untruths in the States," a spokesman for Britain Department of Health said in a telephone interview. "There's been all these ridiculous claims made by the American health lobby about Obama's health care plan ... and they've used the NHS as an example. A lot of it has been untrue."

Off course, off course, it's all lies you know, socialized health is really about the health of patients, those waiting times those loony, right-wing racists always bang on about are just a myth, it's all good here in fairyland, top-notch care and it's all free... Weeeeee! Or is it, let's have a look at just a tiny bit of what the media bothers to tell us and you can make up your own mind.

Daily Mail - A Normandy veteran died after being abandoned on a hospital trolley for 19 hours - on two separate occasions. Walter Gibson, 86, suffered an agonising death from infected bedsores caused by his ordeal. Yesterday a coroner condemned the 'gross failings' and 'neglect' that contributed to the great-grandfather's death.

Daily Mail - A mother-to-be has been turned down for free dental treatment - because the surgery will not accept that she is expecting. Sarah Luisis, 27, who is five months pregnant, has been told she needs to provide more proof that she has a baby on the way. That is despite the fact that she has a big bump, a doctor's certificate, antenatal notes and ultrasound pictures of her unborn child.

Daily Mail - A man who had broken his spine in two places was sent home from hospital on crutches - risking being paralysed. Peter Johnson was given strong pain killers by A&E medics and told to keep walking around - although he was in agonising pain and an X-ray showing he had fractured the lower part of his spine. A week later, still in agony, a second consultant spotted a further break and he was hospitalised for a week.

Daily Mail - A senior doctor faces an inquiry after an inquest ruled five patients on a hospital ward died after being given excessive doses of morphine. Dr Jane Barton was in charge of a ward known as the ‘end of the line’ where nearly 100 suspicious deaths were reported to police. Dozens of elderly patients died days after being admitted.

Daily Mail - A police officer who collapsed and died after giving birth to twins after staff shortages meant she had to wait for four days to be induced died of natural causes, a coroner ruled today. James and Hannah were delivered by emergency Caesarean just before PC Sarah Underhill died on Sunday, October 5, last year - four days after she had been admitted to hospital.

Daily Mail - Britain has not done enough to boost cancer survival rates and will fail to hit a target to match the success of other European countries by 2010, experts claimed yesterday. It is optimistic to expect the gap to be closed by the deadline because progress is too slow, according to medical journal The Lancet Oncology. At least £2billion extra was spent at the start of the Government's Cancer Plan, rising to a total of £4.35billion in 2006/07 in England.

Daily Mail - Dehydrated patients were forced to drink out of flower vases, while others were left in soiled linen on filthy wards. Relatives of patients who died at Staffordshire General Hospital told how they were so worried by the standard of care they slept in chairs on the wards. The commission's report - revealed in yesterday's Daily Mail - said at least 400 deaths could not be explained, although it is feared up to 1,200 patients may have died needlessly.

Daily Mail - Patients who leave operating theatres with surgical equipment accidentally left inside them are being awarded millions of pounds in compensation. About two people a week find surgeons have left behind foreign objects such as surgical swabs, clips and screws, according to Government figures released after a Freedom of Information request.

Daily Mail - An expectant mother of twins was ferried 250 miles between four hospitals only to have her babies separated as soon as they were delivered. Angela Breeds, 30, was told she needed a Caesarean section when doctors found one of her unborn babies was too small and not getting enough nutrition. But what should have been the most thrilling moment of her life turned into a five-day ordeal because the hospitals either did not have the right scanning equipment or the incubators.

Daily Mail - The scandal of widespread cutbacks in NHS care affecting thousands of Alzheimer's patients is exposed today. Almost one in three health trusts admits axing vital services such as district nurses and day centres, leaving desperate families to struggle alone. Fewer than half are running clinics to spot early signs of Alzheimer's despite soaring numbers of patients. And, most damningly, two in five trusts fail to provide any dementia services at all.

Alright, I'll stop now. But I must jump onto another bug-bear of mine and one that I'm sure the leftist scum in America would also love to foist upon their fellow Americans. Not surprisingly, it's also failed over in Britain, I have lots of examples like these too, but I'm tired and you get the picture.

Daily Mail - A chief constable has apologised personally to two student nurses who had to wait four hours for help after a gang of intruders threatened to rape them. Flatmates Amy Overend, 19, and Melissa Cooper, 22, barricaded themselves in their rooms and rang 999 when four men sneaked into their hospital accommodation shouting abuse. But when they called again after an hour they were told they were classed as a ' secondary emergency' because they were behind locked doors. ......'As they were leaving, they said, 'We are going to remember your faces and names, and next time, we are going to rape you'.

So the state took everyone's weapons away, promising to keep every one safe, trust us sheeple, we will keep you safe, don't worry sheeple, we're only a call away, nothing to worry about, we really do care for you, just sing kumbaya and think of the fairies! Anyhoo, now that the glorious state has failed, yet again, will it allow these women to bear weapons of any kind to defend themselves when these scumbags return? If you believe that, head on over to the bottom of the garden, the fairies have prepared a fabulous feast for you! Equality for women and women's rights only go so far you know.

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